Welcome To The Harrison School Council Page!

Our 2019 - 2020 Council Members

Co -Chair: Liz Parker, Co-Chair – Amanda Bottomley

Treasure: Andrew Pullman, Co-Treasure Kim Anglehart

Secretary: Wendy Pons

Fundraising Chair: Kim Anglehart

Voting Members:

PIC Rep – Vanessa Mitchelmore

Super Council Rep – Jodi Bagley

About the Council

We meet on the second Monday of the month. We hear about initiatives happening at the school both from a school culture perspective and academic perspective. We assist with fundraising events and discuss how to best align the use of these funds with the School Improvement Plan to support student achievement. If this is something you would be interested in, please come out and join us. All are welcome!

Keep informed! - Below please find the last meeting minutes...

January 15th, 2020

School Council Meeting Minutes


-Tony Churchill, Jodi Bagley, Amanda Bottomley (co-chair), Wendy Pons (secretary), Liz Parker (Chair), Andrew Pullman (treasurer), Heather Haslam-Smith, Community partners: Cheryl Deszpoth, Katelynn Hyde,

Regrets: Kim Anglehart (co-treasurer), Susan Smith, Vanessa Mitchelmore,

  1. Call the meeting to order

Liz called meeting to order

Principal's report –

Events that have happened at school since the last meeting included the December holiday concert and craft day. Both were a great success.

Letters from the board about the Unions' actions have been going out to parents.

Tony provided an update on fund requests from teachers. A fund requisition form is now being used when teachers want to request funds, which will help keep track of all of the spending.

Discuss finalized fundraising totals from Christmas fundraisers

The final fundraising totals were unavailable for the meeting. January 16th someone from the board is coming to review budgets etc. Tony will send out to the group through email.

Financial Workshop – Tuesday, Jan 21st (7-8:30pm John William Boich Public School, Burlington) Unfortunately no one is able to attend this meeting.

Upcoming fundraising ideas – i.e Wellness table top vendor idea (do we want to move ahead with this and look for possible vendors to rent tables?), pizza, Easter chocolate etc.

We set a date for a wellness event that will be held at the school: Thursday May 7th; 6-8pm

Ideas include: a mental health night that would include a variety of activities: yoga, badminton, art therapy, mindfulness, crafting (mindfulness bottles), session for parents separate for kids (?),

The committee will help out with the planning, including finding table vendors and people to put on sessions like yoga.

Tables will cost $25/vendor

Ideas for tables include community partners- Woodview, etc. ROC, active chefs, real foods for real kids

Potential funding for the night includes the PIC grant ($500) and the Pro grant ($500)

We need to know how many tables we need by next council meeting. Ideas for the event should be brought forward for the next meeting.

Other fundraiser activities:

Dance, Professor Jamz (Feb 12th)- Money collected as a donation is moving to cash online rather than the Jamz website.

Amanda will purchase glow neckless/bracelets for the dance. Feb 12th

The committee approved the cost up to $150 for glow sticks

Heather and Jodi offered to help sort the glow sticks prior to the dance

Ideas for Public Health Nurse (Cheryl) family event. This was discussed at the last meeting but nothing was finalized.

Have we finalized how we are going to spend the fundraising money? Projectors (do we have a quote), tablets etc.

Discussion on what we will do with the money. Still need to make a firm plan as to what the money will be spent on. Tony to give specific costs for each item.

Start looking to plan end of year BBQ (prize donations, food vendors, activities)

The date for the BBQ was set June 4th

Ideas for food vendors include: Kits kitchen in the Glen; Hungry Hollow smokehouse; Chico hot dogs; Dairy free ice cream vendor

Everyone to look into options for the BBQ for next meeting.

Kim has the list of vendors and donations from last year.

There was discussion of a variety of entertainment. It was decided that we would contact the farmers market for a list of entertainers they have over the summer.

Lottery license- Cari- Lee completed it last year. Tony will contact her to get the details on this.

Any other business- None

Next meeting will be Feb 19th 6:30pm

Meeting was adjourned by Liz.

Current Fundraising Initiatives

Professor Jamz Dance - a - thon - Coming up February 12, 2020

Boston Pizza - Every Monday - purchase Lunchboxorders.com by noon on Sundays

2019 - 2020 Fundraising Goals and Possible Initiatives / Purchases

The fundraising goal for this year will be $10,000. (So far, January 2020, we have raised just over $5000 - thanks so much!)

Options include: ideas related to earth friendly/environment , wellness, giving back to the kids etc., updating technology

Reusable water bottle with Husky logo to give back to the kids

Performance, X movement; Jungle Sport ($3000), Rocks and Rings ($300)

Tech: $1529 per projector (2 more for this year); Chrome books $286 (10-15 more) Headphones (unknown cost); Ipads $400, data projectors

Kindergarden yard- trike path must be adjusted- (painting $300-500)

Carpet for the risers ($400-500)

Gardening and greening ask for donations or purchase(?)

Outside activities or something for the students to play with- Game tables? Pails and shovels? Outdoor chalk boards, Lower basketball hoops ($1500)

Grade five end of year trip

(Money raised last year was used to help update Library Furniture and some of the additions to the K yard (planters, seating) outdoor equipment for start of the next school year, Grade 5 field trip.)

Next meeting date: February 19th, 2020