Welcome to the Harrison School Council Page!

Our 2021 - 2022 Council Members

Chair - Mike, Alanna

Secretary -

Treasurer - Ron

PIC - Krystin

Voting Members - Liz, Albert

About the Council

We meet 4 - 6 times a year. We hear about initiatives happening at the school both from a school culture perspective and academic perspective. We assist with fundraising events and discuss how to best align the use of these funds with the School Improvement Plan to support student achievement. If this is something you would be interested in, please come out and join us. All are welcome!

Keep informed! - Below please find the last meeting minutes...

Harrison School Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, December 01, 2021

6:30pm – 8:10pm

Meeting minutes recorded by: Kristyn Zorychta and Katelyn Scott


  • Alanna Hartery – Council Co-Chair

  • Mike Tippett – Council Co-Chair

  • Laura Nixon-Hutchinson - voting member

  • Liz Parker - Voting Member

  • Ron Linklater – Treasurer

  • Kristyn Zorychta – PIC Representative

  • Paddi Dewmyn, School Principal

  • Vanessa Hunter, School Office Manager

  • Katelyn Scott, Teacher Representative


Albert Yam - Voting member

Intro items – 10 minutes

  • Welcome and land acknowledgement – completed

    • Introduction of Vanessa Hunter as the school’s office manager and her relationship to the council (specifically with Ron Linklater, Treasurer)

  • Appointment of this meeting’s Secretary to record minutes – completed (K. Zorychta)

  • Approval of minutes from November 10, 2021 meeting (including vote over email on fundraising time line that took place on November 12th) - completed

Principal’s report/update on in school happenings – 15 minutes

  • WOW Day (Wednesday of Wellness Day) was a great success.

    • Grades 3-5 (in cohorts) rotated through multiple wellness activities (i.e.: yoga, meditation, gratitude journals, etc.) gaining exposure to various strategies that promote positive mental health and wellness

  • November 11, 2021 marked the second virtual Remembrance Day ceremony at Harrison

    • Although Remembrance Day was celebrated virtually, the students continued to demonstrate excitement as they prepared for and participated in the online event

  • Parent/teacher interviews have concluded

  • There is an upcoming Winter Craft Day that promises to be great fun

    • Historically, a number of craft activities have been presented to the school and students sign up for the craft that they wish to participate in – this results in a mix of junior and intermediate student contributing to the same goal.

    • Due to COVID-19, the school is not able to provide the same opportunity for ‘mixing’ and will instead present each class with two (2) craft options. The class will then vote on the craft they wish to participate in and the craft with the most votes will be assigned.

  • Request from Tony Churchill to amend the title of “Principal’s Report” to “School Report” as teachers and other school staff have insights and considerations – approved

  • Email notes from Jeanne Gray, which may or not apply to Harrison?

    • $500 PIP funding to be used by the parent council in conjunction with the Principal

      • PIP (Parent Involvement Plan) funding can be used to bring a guest speaker to Harrison or for resources. (i.e.: evening cooking class with healthy food choices)

      • Tony Churchill suggested using the funds to participate in ‘Unlearn”. Unlearn supports parents and communities around anti-black racism (systemic racism)

        • Sidenote from Tony Churchill: Next week there is a racialized Black and Indigenous event. The event is a Halton event and not a school-specific event. During the event BIPOC are invited to tell “us” (white community leaders) how we are doing. The event is meant to be a listening event in which ally-groups provide feedback re: what is being done well (for example in the school) and what can be improved/done differently. The challenge Tony Churchill identified is that parents who self-identify as BIPOC from the Harrison community are not attending the events; therefore the school is not receiving direct feedback. It is believed that face-to-face invitations would elicit a greater response; however, the methods in which to canvas are unknown.

          • Mike Tippett stated that the city of Toronto has “working groups” that engage with individuals in similar situation. Mike Tippett will follow-up with such groups to see if there are any strategies that can be used by the Harrison community.

    • Information and guidelines on how to apply for a PRO Grant (up to$750). These documents will be sent to each school within the next few weeks. As you know, PRO Grants support proposals that find a way to engage parents in your community. Watch for this info as there is an application deadline.

Treasurer’s report – 5 minutes

  • Vanessa Hunter reviewed the approved and proposed expenses and the tracking spreadsheet. Upon being informed of a new fundraising initiative, Vanessa will be responsible for creating a new event or fundraiser category.

    • All schools have ‘FUND fundraising’ and ‘GRANTS’ and at the end of the year all remaining applicable money will be fund into ‘FUND fundraising’.

  • Outdoor recess equipment totaling $1000 has been purchased and on the next month’s spreadsheet will be shown.

    • The council had previously voted and approved for $750 to be used towards outdoor recess equipment; therefore, the school will pay for the additional cost of approx. $250.

  • Discuss fundraising goal for the year based on estimated cost of staff’s “wish list” of outdoor equipment.

Discussion of fundraising plan – 15 minutes

  • Ideas brought forth: Harrison families recipe book, pay to wear pj’s to school day (minimum donation with “pay more if you’d like” option), Terra Cotta Cookies, Purdy’s, MacMillans, other ideas discussed at last meeting.

    • Laura Nixon-Hutchinson shared a Bake-Along event that was hosted by the school she teaches for.

    • Tony Churchill made the recommendation that if the annual June BBQ event is permitted (COVID-19 restrictions) that the spring fundraiser be removed from the fundraising plan as the two events would be so close together and to host both events would require a large commitment from the council members.

  • A portion of the fundraised money is to be used to purchase iPads. Mike Tippett raised the concern that iPads have a product life-span and that once the school introduces iPads it would be very difficult for the school to adapt to doing without

    • A motion was passed by the council to allocate a sustainability fund of $200/year effective 2022 for the replacement and purchase of new and/or additional iPads/iPad accessories

  • Grade Five (5) trip/grad is to be added to approved expenses. The council approved a cost of $650. There is a pre-existing fund of approx. $200; therefore approx. $450 will be moved to the approved expenses

  • Council members agree that the implementation of a Pyjama Day on December 16, 2021 will provide a relatively easily executed fundraiser with low overhead costs.

    • Students will be provided with the opportunity the wear pyjamas to school and willing parents are invited to use School Cash Online to provide an optional donation in the amount of $1, $2, $5, or $10.

      • Mike Tippett volunteered to prepare a message to be distribute to parents and students re: the event detailing the optional donation and distribution plan of collected funds.

Dec 1 Council Meeting Minutes continued by Katelyn from Kirstin at 7:39

  • Blurb RE: PJ Day to include:

    • Dec 16th as PJ Date

    • Include WHERE the funds will be going to

  • Discussion RE: Spring Purdy’s/MacMillans Fundraiser:

    • Timing of chocolate fundraiser has been successful previously at Easter Time

    • Council voting in support of keeping this as a fundraiser for the year

    • Sorting through possibilities surrounding pickup:

      • Sorting them in the gym and staff running out parent orders

    • Voting: Purdy’s for Easter; putting down MacMillan’s as well so that it’s on the annual plan, can always not run it OR, MacMillan’s in lieu of June BBQ if a June BBQ cannot happen

  • Removing Recipe/Activity Book from the fundraising options this year

    • In future years, we’d like to look at the possibility of integrating photos of students, would need additional parent approval

  • Staff’s proposal to donate 5% of all funds raised to an Indigenous community organization.

    • 5% of fundraising to go to Indigenous Community Resources approved

    • Expenses approved tab should be altered so we could see the portion of each fundraiser that was donated

    • Do we need to look at tax receipts for parents?

      • only if TOTAL contributions add to more than $20, so not sure if this will actually be an issue...parents would have to donate $400 in total over the year...

    • Kate to bring the approval forward to the grade ⅘ Wellness/Allyship Group so we can brianstorm a group for our fundraising

Set next meeting date

  • Feb. 23, 2022 as the next parent council meeting, with an additional email coming from the incoming principal once he takes on the role in December/January.

Harrison School Council Agenda

November 10, 2021 meeting

Intro items – 10 minutes

  • Welcome and land acknowledgement - done

  • Approval of meeting minutes from Oct 13, 2021 – approved by all

  • Nomination and appointment of a new Secretary to replace Wendy – to be shared between Liz, Albert and Laura.

Principal’s report/update on in school happenings – 15 minutes

  • We scare hunger campaign – Harrison school had largest donation to Bread Basket to date 629lbs of food and toiletries

  • Halloween celebration was a success.

  • Outdoor classroom is coming along – seating in place, sod down and addition of trees.

  • Scholastic book fair will be running the week of Nov 15th. Wish list will be sent home and books can be purchased on line.

  • Remembrance Day assembly to be on November 11th – 30-40 min long. Time listed in Harrison Happenings was slightly off. Update to be sent to school community in the am.

Treasurer’s report – 5 minutes

  • No report this week

  • $3426.81 available funds

  • How to record funds approved – is minutes enough, spreadsheet or approval form? We will prepare a spreadsheet and it can be tracked that way. Tony to create Google Sheet and share with Ron

Creation of fundraising plan – 15 minutes

  • Tony requesting for 2021/2022 to be set aside funds for the below:

    • Grade 5 excursion/experience - $650 (approx.) - approved

    • Outdoor equipment (balls, skipping ropes etc.)- $750 – approved

    • Will leave approximately $2025 of available funds

  • Katelyn staff recommendations – Katelyn to get $ amounts so we can approve/vote on.

    • Tony managed to procure a shed at no cost for equipment for outdoor classroom

    • 2-3 iPad – with waterproof /drop proof case

    • Field guides

    • Magnifying glass/specimen cases

    • Clip boards etc.

    • Sit spots

    • Outdoor play equipment

  • Maintenance in habitat garden (bridge) will be covered by board as part of the outdoor classroom project and therefore doesn’t need to be included.

  • Discuss successful fundraisers from past years

  • Bring new ideas forward (Scholastic Book Fair starting soon, Purdy’s Chocolates in time for Christmas, MacMillans, a parent has offered Guelph Storm tickets to be raffled, end of year BBQ/Fun Fair, spring run, list of fundraisers other schools in Halton Hills are running this year)

  • Plan for 2 fundraisers this year.

  1. Purdy’s Chocolates in time for Christmas – need orders in by November 30. Run campaign for 2-3 weeks. Maximum payout is 25% if the school manages to sell over $1000. Will run this one for Christmas if MacMillans doesn’t work. If not will move this one to the spring.

  2. MacMillans – perishable – 30% payout – Alanna to check date required to place orders prior to Christmas and notify group via email. We are leaning towards this one if date works.

  3. Toy Exchange/raffle, Kidney clothes ($0.15 for every lb of clothing donated) – no space at school currently and also no parent volunteers allowed in to manage at this time. Will bring forward again at a later date.

  4. Harrison compilation book – jokes, recipes, games to play – kids to draw picture and write out instructions etc. and we can put together a book for families to purchase. Katelyn and Tony to discuss further – we need to determine interest and figure out if we can use board printing services to reduce cost.

  • Fundraising target still needs to be determined once we have approximate value of items on list. We feel the previous years $10k target is likely too high at this time.

Review of Constitution – 5 minutes - no changes were recommended

Begin to create a new Principal Profile for 2021-2022 school year – 10 minutes

  • What to keep and/or remove from previous version

  • Tony to retire in December (last day December 17th) so need to revise profile. Replacement administrator to be in place in January

  • CPS background is a must.

  • Continue work on diversity, anti-black racism etc.

  • Continue focus on Environmental work and outdoor education

  • Take page 3 (and end) of Principal Profile to email – each person to come up with a few points – send to Alanna to compile.

  • New profile needs to be delivered to board by November 17th. (done)

  • Brainstorm new additions

Set next meeting date

  • Wednesday December 1st – 6:30pm

Harrison Council - minutes from first meeting (Oct 13, 2021)

In attendance - Tony (Principal), Katelyn (Teacher Rep), Parents: Alanna, Mike, Albert, Ron, Wendy, Krystin Regrets: Liz (parent)

Introductions made.

Land acknowledgement and sharing the work we will be doing around Indigenous Perspectives this year.

Reviewing what we have learned about COVID protocols from last year, what remains, what is new.

Katelyn spoke about some school wide events that have happened since the start of the year

  1. Cross country

  2. Terry Fox

  3. Memorial

  4. Orange Shirt Day → Truth and Reconciliation Day

  5. Global Maker Day

  6. Our first small fundraiser and lunch days starting

  7. A food drive

Tony shared information on facility work in and around the building

  1. Outdoor classroom

  2. Field and asphalt

  3. Bridge

  4. HVAC

  5. Electrical room

Fundraising - school doing a cookie sale and any proceeds going to the angel fund, good practice for families new to cash online, school doing a scholastic book fair in Nov, lunchbox food days beginning (twice a week)

We organized the new council for the 2021

Chair - Mike, Alanna

Secretary - Wendy

Treasurer - Ron

PIC - Krystin

Voting Members - Liz, Albert

Current school council balance is $3,426.81

Discussion for next council meeting: review constitution, make a fundraising plan, complete the principal profile document

Next meeting - Nov 10th

Current Fundraising Initiatives

To Be Announced

2021 - 2022 Fundraising Goals and Possible Initiatives / Purchases

The fundraising goal for this year will be $3000 - 5000

Options include: ideas related to earth friendly/environment , wellness, giving back to the kids etc., updating technology



Outdoor Education equipment (list and prices TBD)

Outside activities or something for the students to play with- Game tables? Pails and shovels? Outdoor chalk boards, Lower basketball hoops ($750)

Grade five end of year trip ($650)

Annual amount set aside to replace iPads every 4 - 5 years

Next meeting date: Feb 23rd, 2022