Harrison Public School

Harrison Public School is a safe and inclusive community where learners' voices will be valued in order to engage all learners in authentic learning environments, promoting collaborative, independent, and innovative thinking fostered through a growth mindset.

Please be advised that Harrison Public School is currently closed due to the Province of Ontario shutdown. School will reopen to in-person learners on Monday, January 25. We are working remotely and staff can be reached by email.

For information on the Ontario school closure, please visit: https://hdsb.ca/students/Pages/Health%20and%20Well-Being/COVID-19.aspx

If you are new to the Halton District School Board and wish to register your child(ren) for school, please visit: https://hdsb.ca/parents/Pages/Register-My-Child-for-School.aspx

While in-person schools are closed, we encourage families to continue to check for updates from us and the HDSB through email (SchoolMessenger), www.hdsb.ca, and the Board’s social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

To register your child at Harrison Public School, please visit www.hdsb.ca.

Please forward your completed registration form and supporting documents to:

Kindergarten - Laurel at lakel@hdsb.ca

Grades 1-5 - Christine at lagendykc@hdsb.ca


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