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In Harrison Public School's safe and inclusive community, learners' voices will be valued in order to engage all learners in authentic learning environments, promoting collaborative and independent, innovative thinking, fostered through a growth mindset.

~ Harrison Staff ~

You will have received information from the Board about this so this may be a repeat of information for you.

We will have an optional staggered entry to our school this year. On Thursday, September 10th students with last names from A-L will be invited to come to school for some outdoor education, community building, and an opportunity to get used to some of the processes. On Friday September 11th students with last names from M-Z will be invited to come to school for a repeat of the same activities. On these days there will be no curricular or academic activities. Students will be practicing moving through the school, learning about routines around handwashing, understanding their space in the school (zones they must stay in) and their space on the playground (again, zones they must stay in) and dipping their toes back into the waters of returning to school.

As stated above, this staggered entry is optional, however, if you decide you want to send your child on that day, they will be in a class with approximately half of the students expected and they will be expected to stay ALL day at the school. Finally, bussing is not provided for those two days. Our bus companies are working hard to make sure that they are ready for the full complement of bus students on the first day so you would be required to walk/drive your child to school and pick them up if you choose to send them on a staggered entry day.


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