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Harrison School Council Meeting Minutes: November 13, 2018

Council Meeting

Harrison Parent Council Meeting Nov 13, 2018


Attendees:  Erin L, Kim A, Cari-Lee J, Vanessa M, Laura H, Lorraine, Heather H, Anne F, Cheryl – Public health nurse, Tony C, Angie O

Minutes – Approval 1st Kim A, 2nd Cari-Lee

Principles Report: We received our new Gym new screen, We may be able to tour Wood view tonight to see the facility.  Remembrance Day assembly was child friendly and child led nice songs & passages. A new feature was the French teacher plays trumpet.

Halloween parade was the week of the 31st.  Some children came with Costumes that were not appropriate (maybe something to discuss at home/ next year before Halloween. 

FNMI:  First Nation Meti Indigenous. Presented history lessons with interesting and different edu-speak. Talk about thinking of things teachers can do and look to recognize if lessons are repectful (ei: igloos out of sugar) why inappropriate, not part of background should not do.  Respect – Well being husky howlers group met with Steve Paquette re: honouring the Land.  Teach.  Steve will come back to answering questions and see if lessons learned are correct information.  Teach /talk /solidify.  Packs did day challenges, made new chants and hash tags – team building.  Know each other feel comfortable.  Winners will be released soon after judging.

Reports with Tony home to Monday 19th, 2018 Interviews that week. K’s have observation.   EQAO – reading for 85% at Provincial level, above board standings.  15% level 2.  3 kids level 2 and 2 kids at 2.9 level.  Writing 65% below (Tony did I get this right?? Pls verify these) Provincial level, 35% level 2.  2 student @ 2.9.  Math 70% at level 3,  10% level 4= 80% above Provincial standard.   20% level 2. Take information and send school improvement plan and submit to board. 

PIC rep – Vanessa M. 

Financial – Cookies profit – 1760, Cheese waiting for totals. 

Fundraising- Bigger item poster fundraising to show what money is going for. 

Garden – needs species taken out clean up. 

·         Problem solving- adding things. 

·         Circle structure – meetings fits with indigenous theme.     

·         Suzanne Birdwell at board connected with town to remove buckhorn (comes from neighbours’ shrub/ small tree).  She has to be involved with structures materials and costs.  Tony talking to principal for money from RBC grant.  Tony to look at and explore. To offset costs, properly through board. 

·         Kindergarten area not meeting health and safety requirements (board changes and deterioration).  Was to be taken down before snow but not happened.  Funded by budget from board and ministry.  Thought around put in but not continuation of equipment. 

Tony to send doc for board what fundraising what it goes for Erin/ Cari-Lee to fill out. 

Fundraising Next initiaves – ??

Cards:  $32 per box and $11 profit – 28 cards 4 gift boxes – Toronto open to call explain

Jade 500 spent $50 kickbacks.  December 15,  Paid out and re-start.

Custom made cards – expensive and difficulty

Ottawa area – Soap Heather to find out details. 

QSP – Magazines – prizes

Cari-Lee getting pizza information

Tony to send out resolutions – please read

Chicken guy – No answer, hungry hallow working on it, tony to reach out to BBQ Brother

Sorting Hillary and Cari-Lee afternoon and Amanda and Lorraine in the afternoon

Active chefs both evening and after school program – 1st Kim, 2nd Cari-lee

Cheryl – Wellness lady (Health Nurse - Halton Health Department) Harrison this year focus school once a week – student wellness team inclusiveness among peers.  Leadership group has 17 students, conflict management, leadership and mindfulness assemblies.  Uniform is a hat to show the wellness members and they lead PALS Playground activity leaders initiative bully prevention week next week.  Other initiatives calming kits for each class things they can do to regulate their emotions – calm themselves.  Kids decide things to put inside and decorate kits – to use to calm the brain.  Pipe cleaners stress balls play do, colouring books, paper note book, draw and write, games solitaire – quietly at desk to help them to be in every class room.  Cheryl offers to help with events.  How can parents be involved??  And learn how can info be shared, website, sheets, provide at family events.  Emails, display at parents’ nights, parent chats, meet with people for information.  How best way to share?  Developments that kids need - family assets brochures.  Tag into Ads when parents are here.  Could be emails, website, during parent interview, concerts. 

Tweets – Jeanne Gray Halton hills school community meeting, Super council Nov 29th GDHS library 7:00-8:30pm

Adjourned: 1st Kim, 2nd Lorraine

Next meeting: Dec 11, 2018