Please join us at our next council meeting Monday, Dec 11th, 2017.

Harrison School Council Minutes

November 13, 2017

Members in Attendance:

Kim Bottos, Hillary Nielsen-Spurr, Erin Lewis, Kim Anglehart, Angie Harris, Tony Churchill, Carrie Skeels, Ashley Monckton, Kim Park, William Tallon , Caitlin Mason

Items Discussed:

-Forms. Some people have not received both Thornloe Cheese and Terra Cotta Cookies (both due Nov. 22). Mr. Churchill to follow up

-Minutes approved from previous minutes (1st Ange, 2nd Carrie)

-Fundraising: Car Drive (Donations for Test Drives), Ashley in contact with dealership, hopefully will happen in the New Year

-Fresh from the Farm pick up between 3:00 and 6:00 on Thursday, Nov. 16

-Dec. 13 (between 3:00 and 6:00) cheese and cookies pick up

-PIC meeting: other schools talked about Fundraising initiatives. High profit margin on greeting cards.

Glen Williams built raised beds for veggies, watered over summer etc now the veggies are used as part of Healthy Snacks program

Superintendent will be bringing speaker for parents about monitoring kids devices and use of technology. Mr. Churchill spoke to Safe Schools Social Worker about a program for grades 4/5 parents before kids get to middle school where they take the Bravo program.

-Public Health Update: high anxiety in Halton Hills. There will be increased funding for wellness activities for families in Halton

-Other fundraising ideas: school cookbook with staff and student submitted recipes and art work, School Years Memory Album

-Active Chefs, will look into cost to bring to school and discuss in December (we have $773.15 in PIC $)

-E-Waste disposal at Limehouse Public School April 21 & 22

-Principal’s Report:

EQAO Scores (Grade 3) scores are up from last year.

76% Reading, 79% Math, 73% Writing of Grade 3 students are at or above provincial standards (reading was the only area where Level 4 was achieved).

Also 66% of students sometimes edit their writing/work

30% of students had special education needs

25% received 1 or more accomodations

SIPSA Theory of Action for 2017-2018

-(Math) increase weekly use of Math Talks and focus on answering multi-step problems

-(Literacy) guided reading with co created success criteria and descriptive feed back, purposeful instruction during writing process

-(Wellness) Staff capacity around safe and inclusive practices, then students will demonstrate observable feelings of inclusion and self affirmation

Other School Happenings:

-Terry Fox Assembly (staff received pies in face etc)

-therapy dogs have been visiting

-Purple Shirt Day

-Power of One Assembly (grades 4 and 5) Anti-Bullying

-Big Crunch (Food for Thought)

-Remembrance Day Assembly

-Reports Home Nov. 20, Interviews Nov. 23 & 24

-Zumba Instructor for WOW days, school council to fund

-possible reduction of Nutrition Break Time, looking for opinions and reducing from 50 min to 40 min

-Next Meeting: Dec .11

-Meeting Adjourned (1st Kim A, 2nd Carrie)