Please join us at our next council meeting Monday, February 27th, 2017.

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Harrison School Council Minutes

January 17, 2017

Members Present:

-Caitlin Mason, Amanda Fleury, Erin Lewis, Ang Harris, Ashley Monckton, Tanya Achilles, Carrie Skeels, Kim Anglehart, Heather Haslam-Smith, Lauren Lawrence, Tony Churchill

Items Discussed:

-Last meeting’s minutes (Kim 1st, Carrie 2nd)

-council members went to gym and saw mats installed, Board paid for installation instead of school council

-3 staff members worked in Literacy Room, put together list of most needed items

-Scholastic Rep showed kits and levels for variety of grades to support readers at different levels, meet interests, and guided reading for classes

$1563.36 wish list, hopeful to get some funds from school council for books (now that we do not have the costs for the mats). Reading Power was one item on list (resource that lists books for a variety of strategies for all teachers to use) all social justice books are needed to support initiatives, will come back to council with specific titles

-Grades 1-2 Skating Lessons for 6 weeks, Free lessons with certified instructors (CAN Skate) including transportation provided, equipment can be rented if necessary

-Grade 5 Ski or Skate Day at Glen Eden (Jan. 30 and March 6), good response (first 30 kids had their forms in quickly), may be able to accommodate 35 kids

-Grade 5 Scientist in School coming to discuss Energy and Conservation

-Assembly on 2nd of 5Cs (Co-Operation) included a flash mob they started working at for their W.O.W. Day workshop.

-Instagram- Grade 5s will be taking and posting pics for school account, visiting classes to get ideas for photos, Mr. Churchill approves photos before posting

-Prodigy Club (Math Games online), Coding Club will also be starting. It has been used as part of Maker Space

-Volleyball Tryouts this week for grade 4-5 (1-2 tournaments)

-Move and Groove, Junior Dance will be starting, students have expressed an interest in intramurals (trying to sort out Gym time for all the activities)

-Design and Tech items (teachers can use with classes, show them to use tools safely etc, hands on opportunities, good intro to basic tool use and problem solving)

-Digital Citizenship, wanted to look at how to keep students safe online, looking at workshop “My Life Online” $1400 for three one hour workshops. We need to enquire how many people they normally have in a session (we have 70 grade 4s and 5s) and we may need only 1 session, approval to look further into funding it, Amanda 1st, Heather 2nd

Financial Report

Poiintsettias $1475, lower than last year, may look at sending orders out earlier next year so that we don’t have as much competition

Terra Cotta $2660, worked well to have cookie pick up at Concert but will need more organization for the actual pick up process


Forms will go home after “Blast Off” Assembly on Jan.23

-Pledge envelope due Feb.2

-Dance-a-Thon is Feb. 8

-Form changed to reflect that proceeds are going towards literacy resources and not technology


-Discussion about food for the event.

Troy’s: sells pop, chips, hamburgers, fries and hot dogs and will give school 10% of what they sell. They will only come if they are the only ones to sell fries and poutine BUT BeaverTails truck is supposed to sell poutine. We need to enquire if BeaverTails will just do desserts.

Carrie to contact and arrange photo booth

Vendor Event

-lots of discussion around how it would work in terms of tables and the cost of having it be a movie night also (talk about movie licensing and the possibility of a candy/snack bar)

-we are maybe going to reschedule for next year and make it a Christmas market style event so more planning can be put into it

Spring Fundraiser

-Easter Lilies or other flowers?

-Heather will enquire about the bulb supplier her school uses

-We will also ask Arnold’s about fundraising

Grade 5 Trip

-is being planned.

-suggestion of Jays Game or Tree Top Trekking (Heart Lake), school council has supplied transportation in past years

-Graduation ideas to be discussed, making it special and different each year

-Halton Hills School Council next Thurs 7:00 GDHS, good way to network and meet people from other councils. Kim will go and possibly Amanda

Close of Meeting, Amanda 1st, Ang 2nd