Please join us at our next council meeting Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Harrison School Council Meeting Minutes: Oct 16, 2018

Council Meeting

Oct 16, 2018-10-16

ATTENDEES: Tony, Erin, Kim A, Lorraine, Hillary, Amanda, Vanessa, Heather.  Katelyn Scott – Teacher representative. ABSENT: Cari-Lee Jones (At a conference with work), Willy (will confirm interest/availability in council this year)

Items Purchased:  Chomebooks 8 at $2,600, Table $790, Kitchen Set $550, Outdoor games $590, $2,600 approximately left in council fund.

Rundown of council – Questions and roles

Voted members:

  • Chair – Erin Lewis

  • Co- Chair - ?

  • Treasurer – Kim Angelhart

  • Secretary – Hillary

  • Fundraiser Chairs – Cari-Lee and Vanessa

  • Voting Members – Amanda, Lorraine, Heather

  • Pic Rep - ?

FUNDRAISING - Cookies / cheese: pdf forms to be sent out by Tony.  Forms due by Nov 8 and pick-up is on Nov 26, 2018. Sorting - Hillary and Cari-Lee afternoon, Amanda and Lorrain evening

Jade reminder for Christmas decorations – Tony to send, Kim to create email reminder to be sent with Harrison Happenings next week.   Kim – follow up with Jade to see how we made out last year Faye. If we made any money.

Active Chefs –  Kim and Hillary approved

Jeanne Gray – Trustee:  Message 11 people on board for Halton District School Board.  The board needs to get the message out regarding the provincial government funding of our children.  It is a political message. Trustees make a campaign about funding base with Ministry of Education. Our children in the Halton District School Board (HDSB) receive $1,290.00 less per child/ per year than the Provincial allotted amount per student.  Our children are the lowest funded or sometimes second lowest funded (between Halton and Halton Catholic) Has happened for the past 10 + years. The Minister of Education has never given a reason to the deficit. It has been speculated that it is because Halton has high socio -economic standing, among one of the highest in province.  Why are we so far from provincial average?? It is very important for our voices to be heard . We need to a build call to action within Halton. Consider the last 10 years - what are we going to do?? In 2002 it was recommended that review of funding formula needed to be done frequently but this has not happened in 16 years. Call to action on behalf of trustees adding our voices to campaign.  Our action for our children. What is it going to be? Facebook page in Acton fair funding protest. Came out 2 weeks ago. Mackenzie smith Bennett – Acton. Our children being treated differently. 64k students 1290/students/ per year is 84 million dollars that is not going to our kids. Facebook page - Fair funding for HDSB.

SUPER COUNCIL MEETING - 7-830 – Thursday 25 Oct, 2018-  meeting council rep from each school. Scott Podrebarac what has improved in the schools / health nurse.  Halton public report/ Jean presents – dialogue. Network – Poverty / Halton learning foundation / tell them from me campaign - Scott presented/ sharing information withing halt on schools /  Great ideas and information last Thursday of every month

BBQ – Thursday June 6, 2018.  Food – Kim A to call Mike Hungry Hollow.  BBQ Brothers - tony to follow up. Jim - Chicken Guy Kim A to Call.  

School Report – Katelyn Scott and Angie O'Drowsky, teacher rep.  Terry fox – Run $ 2,000 raised. Purple shirt day - Rowans law was on Wednesday / Orange shirt day was on Thursday for Indigenous people.  Georgetown Bread basket food drive – great donations before thanksgiving. Open house (Troys no show) Pictures put up to make connections within students and teachers.  Teachers know students more than students think they do. Champions 2 x 10 rule 2 minutes , per day 10 days in a row. Really helps “champions” kids that need attention and support and kids respond very well to this.  Staff all signing up to do it. Projector – Woodview in and running. Agency on its own autism/ mental health. Only space in the North, meet with students and parents – we can use space as well. Private space for assessments.  In building specializing in mental health issues and will give advice and assist is in all things. AC units in Woodview. Students can cool down there. New data projector and screen in the Gym. Hamilton video and sound installed projector and fixed speakers.  Green screen – gym photo of families doing a tradition and interesting 34 pictures were taken at the meet the teacher BBQ. Pic on display out of Library and Gym. Sense of belongings – traditions at Harrison as well . Husky pack Wednesday having a chant for sports and in house – challenges cross grade, which one will represent Harrison.  Rebranding/ what Harrison stands for, what people parents think – social media. Map Cross grade groupings, the kids will use Robots and get sphere to follow map see what group wins/ which chant wins. Husky howlers – a group of kids to help others. Well being team 4-5 named husky howlers lots of initiatives – Steve Paquette First Nations advisor – how to honour, treaties info on.  He came in yesterday and we asked him to unpack the land statement (start of assemblies’) children to teach others. Steve and guest to see how howlers taught others. Maker space hands on design based. Ms Louth, teacher librarian, maker space time with grades / 6 weeks at a time. Students choose design a obstical course or code robots. And robot will have to go through maze. Instagram lots of pics.  Ask kids what they did. Juniors focus was writing. Make sure kids are engaged.

Ideas - Centennial Movie night for parents – create community.  Moms or moms and dads. Centennial. Initiative moms and child at 7:30 breakfast with mom and donuts with dads.  Success.

FUNDRAISING IDEA:  School years memory album – 20 cost we make 5 on each – easy.  

Meeting adjourned = Heather and Hillary

Next meeting: Nov 13, 2018