Please join us at our next council meeting Monday, March 19th, 2018

School Council Meeting

February 12, 2018

Members in Attendance: Ange, Kim A, Willie, Erin, Cari-Lee, Caitlin, Kim B, Kelly, Hillary, Lauren, Tony, Carrie

Items Discussed:

-Minutes from previous meeting approved by Willie, 2nd Ange

-Dance a Thon- Raised $2190.50 (this is down $900 from last year), discussion about next year possibly renting own equipment and DJing ourselves to cut costs

Principal’s Report:

-Steve Paquette (First Nations Liaison from Board Office) came to teach about Community Circles in Junior Classes (for problem solving and conflict resolution). Today, he facilitated circles in order to improve student buy in to the concept. Staff received great feedback from the kids, kids were really engaged in the activity.

-Ski/Skate Trips for Junior Classes were really successful

-Dream Box (numeracy program from the Board, subsidized for Grade 3). School had a Lunch and Learn for staff on how to use it. The school has now signed up grades 1-5 (from school budget). We want to increase home use. We want the kids to use it independently but making sure they are not just using to for the arcade game features. We want less help from parents as the computer thinks the students can solve the problems independently and moves them up a level. Dream Box is an easy way for kids to work on math skills at home based on what they are already doing in class.

How can we promote and inform about it? Parents Night, but we could also include a Cashless Info Session (Parents can sign up got Parent Letter and get info on Dream Box Progress). Tony can resent video from the Board about how it works. We also get Data about school vs home usage.

We could use Survey Monkey, up to 10 questions. Could ask about questions about what kind of info nights they want to attend, are they using Dream Box/Raz Kids, how to get more people out to school council, how are people getting their info/how do they want to get their info (Harrison Happenings, See Saw, Remind, Social Media). Maybe we can also tap into daytime volunteers to increase participation in school council events. Perhaps add to survey at beginning of the year for volunteers ie “what school council events could you help with?”


-Terra Greenhouses or Little Caesars Pizza Kits, going to look into other options for Greenhouses (Crawford’s, Arnold’s-Kim A)

-School Council Constitution is being edited

-New Snack Recess/Format is going well from school’s perspective

Junior classes are divided into 3 classes (for snack), also helping younger kids, social conflicts getting resolved more quickly with outside time before eating time (as things can be resolved over lunch and not during instructional time).

Looking at BBQ Dates, Troy’s is unavailable for May 31st.