Please join us at our next council meeting Monday, May 14th, 2018

April Meeting Minutes Harrison Public School Council

Attendees: Lauren, Angie, Cari-Lee, Erin, Ashley, Tony, Willy, Hilary, Susan, Carrie, Kim A   Absent:  Kim P, Caitlin, Kim B

1.) Open Meeting

  1. 2.) Review Minutes
    a. Approved: Willy Hilary approved
    3.) Principals Report: To be added please by Tony
    a. Parent Night May 2nd
    b. School Musical May 17th 
    i. Audience in the day time (Adults) would $1 Evening $2 
    1. Potential Option for Little Caesar’s 
    c. May 23rd Kindie orientation
    4.) Financials Update
    a. PIC money came out
    5.) Fundraising Update
    a. No luck with Arnolds but Jades Garden would be interested in supporting a fundraising – Christmas Market. 1 Page proposal on activities for future year as well Spring Flowers.
    i. Kim A to create a flyer and move ahead with it Carrie and Angie approved 
    b. Little Caesar’s Pizza kits – Ang is taking the lead? Timing on the kits fundraiser aim for 2nd week of May delivery
    i. Orders due May 1st
    ii. Delivery May 17th in coordination with the School Play
    c. BBQ Up coming June event: Wednesday June 13th
    i. Budget - $1000.00
    ii. Race car to be available
    iii. Police – Susan to follow-up
    iv. Hey Rey – Ashley to follow-up
    v. Photo Booth – Ashley and Carrie to follow-up
    vi. Dress up Mascots – Ang
    vii. Inflatables – 
    viii. Professor Jams 
    ix. iPad for dancing
    x. Ashley to send Angie the excel documents with template for BBQ – Document to be circulated to everyone to sign up for items on the list.
    xi. Circulate email for volunteers to those that are not on council. 
    xii. Baskets – Communicate to teachers to determine themes for their class. Angie to purchase hampers
    1. June 1st PA Day to begin prep (Susan, Kim A, Hilary) June 7th (Erin, Ashley, Kim A, Kim B) to prepare baskets
    2. Basket Items due – May 31st
    3. April 20th Themes chooser by teachers
    4. April 26th school communication and items due May 31st 
    a. Hilary to reach out to Club Link
    xiii. Volleyball net for outdoors
    xiv. Wrist Bands
    6.) New Business
    a. Jungle Sport – no response Ashley has reached out again to determine potential options for the remainder of the year
    b. Constitution tabled for next council meeting
    c. Tony asked for funds per last meeting – total is coming in at 10 chrome books $300-400 each 2 iPads $500-600 accessories included – Allocate under the gardening

    Meeting adjourned – Carrie and Angie 
    Next Council Meeting May 14th