Please join us at our next council meeting Tuesday, November 13th, 2017.

Harrison Public School Parent Council

October 2017

School Library 6:30-7:30PM

  1. Attendees:

    Tony (Principal) Willy, Caitlin, Carrie, Kelly, Kim, Lorraine, Angie, Hillary, Kim, Susan, Cari-lee, Kim, Ashley, Erin, Angela (Teacher)

    1. Vote on Council Members:

      1. Chair: Erin Lewis

      2. Vice Chair: Willy Tallon

      3. Treasurer: Hillary

        1. Co – Ashley & Kim Bottos

      4. Secretary: Caitlin

      5. Fundraising: Angie Harris

      6. Co Fundraiser: Kim Park + Subcommittee (Carrie/Kelly)

      7. Voting Member: Kim Lindsay

      8. Voting Member: Susan Saxe

      9. Past Chair: Ashley Monckton

    2. Fundraising document due at the end of October council needs to provide the initiatives to Angie and Kim to be put into the document and email Tony

      1. Angie to email council to ask for top three ideas (tony to send Angie the last years)

      2. Angie reviewed current items that have been put in place due to timing

        1. Terra Cotta/Thornloe Cheese December 13th Pick-up, Farm to Table – week of November 20th pick up, Cheese, Professor Jams (January 22nd Kick-off  dance-a-thon Feb 7th) Rest TBD

        2. Ashley – Glen MacDonald – Test Drive fundraiser

        3. Wrapping Paper provider

    3. Financials: $1900 in account – including PIC money

      1. Did we receive our PIC money for 2017/2018? – Marilyn would know.

      2. October 14th – PIC Conference Annual Parent Engagement Conference – Kielburger School Milton 8:15-2:40pm

      3. PIC representative: Kelly Park

        1. Mega Council Thursday October 26th 7-8:30PM

    4. Principals Report

    • Christmas Concert Wednesday December 21st

    • Staff - CPS training, IEP training, All about me - PD - safe and inclusive schools, innovation, EQAO, Reporting, Lit and Numeracy plan

    • around the school - chill zone design challenge (inquiry), halloween, purple shirt, cross country, caring months, bus safety and power of one, great big crunch

    5.) New Business

    - May 31st BBQ, car drive

    Next meeting dates:

    • Nov 13th - 6:30

    • Dec 11th

    • Jan 15th

    • Feb 12th

    • Mar 19th

    • Ap 9th

    • May 14th

    • June 11th

    • Adjourn meeting first: Ang second: Carrie