Please join us at our next council meeting Monday, April 10th, 2017.

Harrison School Council Minutes

February, 2017

Members Present:

-Caitlin Mason, Amanda Fleury, Erin Lewis, Ang Harris,Tanya Achilles, Carrie Skeels, Kim Anglehart, Heather Haslam-Smith, Lauren Lawrence, Tony Churchill

School Council Meeting Minutes February 27, 2017.

-The teachers all sat in groups ensure that the school’s visions and the plans that had been set out to help in areas that we as a school struggle and concluded that we are moving forward in the right direction to help student succeed.

-January meeting minutes were approved by Angie and Carrie

-The cost of items requested was presented to council however it was not voted on.  Can do via email if we need to.

-Uniforms / pennies are not required.

-Vesey spring bulbs / veggies were put forth as an April / May spring fundraiser.  Angie took in the information and was going to have all in information ready for us for April’s meeting. They have a 50% profit on the fundraiser.

-Mrs. O’Drowsky applied for a grant to help redo the front gardens at the school but did not receive it.  She would like to create a pollinating garden and would like to still create a kinder garden. The expected cost for the kindergarten would be about $350.  We do receive free mulch from Colonial Tree Services. Angie also mentioned that she may have a contact that could donate about a few yards of triple mix. She was going to check into it for us and let us know.    As a fundraising objective to completely redo the front garden it was suggested that if we do the Vesey fundraising to ask parents to donate some plants back to the school, the other suggestion was maybe see if we can offer when parents buy 2 they get the 3rd on 50% off to donate back to the school.

-Canada Day bulbs have already been planted in the raised flower beds.

-Tony put forth asking if we can work on a plan for fundraising to install a new projector with protective cages in the gym, this would alleviate the hazards of power cords being run across the floor for assemblies and shows, it would also help with updating the school. He did have someone come in and look at what is currently in the gym and discovered that there are 4 speakers already mounted in the ceiling with cages that none of the staff was aware was even there.  The discussion of adding Apple TV attached to the projector was also suggested.  The estimated cost for this is $4000-$5000.  No decision was made and it was not voted on.

BBQ discussion:

Troy’s diner is booked.  The Beavertail guy is ok with not selling fries. We have tried twice to follow up with Tyler Fergus in regards to the BBQ show and still have not heard back now.  Carrie will confirm if we have the photo booth for the BBQ.

Tony was asked to implement a monthly calendar into the newsletter / emails that are sent home as parents would like to see that back.

Rocks and Rings was voted on to have come in at a cost of $225.  Tony will look at the dates available and advise.

1st – Angie                        2nd – Erin          3rd – Carrie         4th – Kim                          5th - Heather

We need to establish a grant committee of 3 or 4.  $1000 grant for parent involvement. Tony suggested that maybe we consider doing a growth mindset piece such as John Spencer (You Tube) which would allow parents and children to work together to create different items and would allow parents to see how some of the terminology that the school uses and the skills that they promote are used.

st, Ang 2nd