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Harrison School Council Minutes

Meeting: November 14, 2016

Members Present:

Tony Churchill, Caitlin Mason, Heather Haslam-Smith, Lauren Maltby-Lawrence, Amanda Fleury, Ang Harris, Cari-Lee Jones, Erin Lewis, Carrie Skeels, Ashley Monckton, Kim Anglehart, Tanya Achilles

Previous month’s minutes approved by Ang, Second by Carrie

Principal’s Report:

School Events since last meeting:

  1. Meet the Teacher Open House / BBQ - Thursday, Oct 13th (6:00 - 7:30 pm)

  2. Caring Assembly - Thursday, October 27th (2:00 pm)

  3. Halloween - Monday, Oct 31st

  4. Bus Safety Assemblies - Nov 1 in the morning

  5. Remembrance Day Assembly - Friday, Nov 11th - period 3 (11:05 - 11:45

  6. First Breakfast Program - Friday, Nov 18th (8:30 - 8:45)

  7. Anti Bullying Assembly (kick off to the week Nov 21 - 24) - will be introducing grade 5 leadership team. The team will outside at recess solving small social problems using Kelso's Choice & running 2 games

  8. Parent / Student / Teacher conferences - coming up on Nov 24th and 25th

School Field Trips since last meeting:

  1. K - 3 - Field Trip to Jack Grunsky  and gr 4 and 5 Wellbeing morning - Nov 2

  2. Gr 5 Field Trip to Camp Brebeuf (Outdoor Education) - Nov 3 (8:50 - 2:30)

SIPSA goals:

1) Literacy: 80% of the students will improve from a level 2 to level 3 on the DRA and/or PM benchmark assessment data in the areas of interpretation, inferring, and metacognition and 80% of students will improve from a C+ to a B- on report cards in the area of reading and writing Theory of Action: If we use co-created success criteria, Bump It Up strategies, and descriptive feedback then we are likely to see deeper comprehension skills (inferring, synthesizing, evaluating) improve in reading responses and the better use of the writing process (better topic development and improvement in the planning stage).

2) Numeracy: 70% of students will improve from a  C+ to a B- on report cards in Numeracy in both primary and junior grades Theory of Action: If we provide a greater focus teaching students how to fully answer multi - step math problems, where they make their thinking visible through reasoning and proving, then we should see students expanding on their strengths in knowledge / understanding and being more confident in managing thinking / application type questions.
3) Well Being: 80% of our students with Ns and Ss in Responsibility and Self Regulation and Collaboration show improvement to Ss and Gs and 80% of students resolve minor conflicts with peer mediators during outside time (in the moment) using a Kelso’s choice and decrease entering the school after the break wanting to problem solve during instructional timeand 75% of students with a behaviour and / or safety plan will begin to use mindfulness strategies during their school day to help manage upset as a result of triggers in their day Theory of Action:  If we create a school well being team (staff, students, community partners) to build strong relationships and a positive sense of self and spirit, then we enable learners who can understand and manage their own health and emotions - who are in a better position to reach their full potential.

Staff PD:

  1. PD day - Friday, Oct. 7th - focus on math (specifically support for the struggling learner) - focus on new K report, KAT (K assessment tool)

  2. CPS Taining for some staff (Collaborative Problem Solving) - 7 staff members with Tier 1 Training (overview in December for remaining untrained staff),

  3. EQAO PD for Grade 3

  4. Science PD for 2 teachers

  5. Primary teachers receiving Leaps and Bounds training (differentiation in math)

  6. Behaviour and Safety Plans

  7. Math Institute

  8. Goals of PD this year include a focus on overall well being and behaviour as a skill (less consequence, more focus on self regulation)


$5000 GIC needs to be allocated

Suggestions from Tony Churchill:

  1. Installation of mats on Gym walls (with Velcro for storage and padding) $2750 quote

  2. Literacy (update Home Reading program for LLI so there are enough materials for all the levels and so students have more variety, also writing resources) $1200

  3. Technology Update $1200 starting with three chrome books per class (starting with grades 3-50) to integrate into regular classroom activities and to replace classroom computers as they break down (chrome books more portable)

  • Discussion around technology about how technology money form Board works, how computers are replaced, school has flexibility in deciding how tech budget is spent

  • School looking at wireless speakers, iPad chargers

  • Suggestion about Apple TV for iPads, easier to keep track of or purchase for younger classes that are using iPads instead of Chrome books

  • Each Kindergarten class has 3 iPads, remaining 4 can be signed out as set (wired to dish rack so all are contained and wires are not bent etc)

  • Climbing wall was been discussed two years ago, could be looked into for insurance etc (permanent installation) would need to be figured out before mats were attached to wall

  • Voting on suggested items Carrie 1st, Ang 2nd


  • For the pointsettia sales, Carrie Skeels and Ang will show up early and sort the pointsetta's in the gym.

  • The council wants to sell some holiday treats (Christmas but possibly other holidays).  Mr Churchill has to look determine how many treat days we can have (given restrictions on giving the kids unhealthy foods).  The group does want to sell Terra Cotta Cookies.  Amanda is going to contact them ASAP to see if we can place an order.  They will possibly have cookie pickups the day of the Christmas Assembly (December 15th).  We are aiming to get the order forms out this week. 

  • The council is considering a vendor event for spring, likely the week before March break.  We will sell lilies and bulbs at the vendor event (will allow pre-orders).  

  • The group voted not to doing a McMillan Food order.  They have messed up in other years.

  • For the BBQ, we reached out to Maple Lodge but their response was not good, could not guarantee the size of order we wanted.  We are going to reach out to three companies to get prices and then decided.  The companies included BBQ Brothers, Troy's and one other company (Ang provided a business card to Amanda).

  • The BBQ will be the Thursday before the PD Day again.  We will plan to do the BBQ Baskets.  The Photo booth went really well.  We will do this again, but likely charge a small fee (e.g. $2)

  • We are going to aim to have the Dance-a-thon the first full week of February.  Likely the 9th.  We need to confirm dates. 

  • Discussion around low response to Mabel's Label's fundraiser.  We will try to include some Mabel's Label's information in the kindergarten orientation package this year.

Other Discussion Items

  • There were discussions about the toilets being really noisy and kids not wanting to flush because of this.  Mr. Churchill said that there is some money from the Ministry that could potentially be put towards upgrading the washrooms.  The facilities staff will decide what the money should be spent on. 

Meeting adjourned - first Heather Haslam-Smith, seconded by Carrie Skeels