Please join us at our next council meeting Monday, June 11th, 2018

Harrison School Council Meeting Minutes: May 15, 2018 Members Present:Kim Bottos, Lauren Maltby-Lawrence, Kim Anglehart, Caitlin Mason, Ang Harris, Erin Lewis, Hillary Nielsen-Spurr, Tony Churchill Items Discussed: -Voting on BBQ items - Photo Booth (2hrs $488)- 2 Bouncy Castles (2hrs 45 min $574) - 2 Mascots, Mario and Minion (2hrs $150) we need 4-6 volunteers for inside the mascots- Sports Activities, Volleyball etc (2 hrs- free)- $1275.48 (BBQ Cost) -Other BBQ Items -Will have Troy’s again (8% rebate) and ice cream truck -$5 bracelets again for unlimited activities, will sell on Cashless but will have some on sale the night of the BBQ Other items: -Grade 5 bus for grad tip to Niagara Falls ($650) -Bullying Play May 22-( $495) -Pizza Kits, 118 kits sold ($620 profit) -Account Balance: $3465.32 -Chrome Books $4000 (approx.)

Will give $ after BBQ when we see our final order, Tony can order in June for use in September Principal’s Report -School Self Assessment late May/early June Focus groups to include parents, the group will explain what the school has been working on to see if parents are noticing things at home. Meet with parents on June 8 during day to provide feedback -Mobile App Info went home recently. Great features including calendar, absence reporting and cashless

-Kindergarten Info Night May 23 (need 2 council volunteers), thought we could have an email sign up at the info night to keep in touch and follow up with interested people about meeting times etc.

-Pizza Hand out at Concert (Thurs night), 2:00 pizza arrives (Kim, Erin, Ryan to handout)

-We still need items for class Raffle Baskets for BBQ

Harness- Fun in the Sun

Stevenson- Chocolate

Blais- Garden

Roberts- Water Play

Bonney- Game Night

Cayer- Outdoor Explore

Scott- Arts and Crafts

Olver- Baking/Cooking

Stiles- Around the Campfire

Fisher- Family Movie Night

PA Day June 1, Basket Assembly 9:00

Kim, Hillary, Susan and anyone else available