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October November 2017

posted Oct 23, 2017, 9:18 AM by Marilyn Alcorn

Sometimes, even with good intent, or even without fully realizing it, people wear costumes that can make
others feel upset, insulted or scared. Certain themes are touchy spots for members of our community and we
want to show them kindness. When helping your child choose a costume for a parade in a K - 5 school, help
him and her choose with others in mind and have discussions about whether the costume is ok for all children
to manage/understand/feel safe. Alternatively, if your child does not want to dress up or you want to
save the costume for the evening, wearing orange and black is also a great way to dress during the day.
Typically, at Harrison on Halloween, students and staff dress up period 5 and 6 only and it is followed by
parade to music. Parents are welcome to come in and stand by the office/foyer area. Start time for the parade
is 1:45 p.m.
After the parade, students will do fun teacher led activities in classroom before home time.
We ask the following:
 no scary costumes (blood and gore)
 no masks or weapons
 no junk food or baked items coming into the school

Dress Purple Day - October 24
Schools across the province will dress in purple and speak up about the
rights of children to live safely and to have a sense of well -being. The general
message is about how it takes a village to keep kids safe.
We are going to focus on the well-being of students and how everyone is
responsible for ensuring the well-being of children.
Well-being is that positive sense of self, spirit and belonging we feel when
our physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs are being met.
Teachers will be taking one period on October 24th to focus on the well-being of children.

Spirit Wear
Hello families, Sports and Spirit Wear will be available to order on line from Tate Products.
This year you will order directly from the company at
Please do not send orders into the school. Only on-line orders will be accepted for these items.

Upcoming Events
 Monday, October 23 a.m. Grade 4 and 5 students – Power of One Presentation at Centennial Middle School
 Monday, October 23 all classes p.m. Bus safety presentation
 Tuesday, October 31 Hallowe’en Parade at 1:45 p.m.
 November 1 a.m. Photo Retake Day
 November 7 Pita Day
 November 20 Reports go home
 November 21 Sub Day
 November 23 Parent Student Interviews in the evening
 November 24 Parent Student Interviews in the morning P.A. DAY
 Every Thursday is pizza day at Harrison at 12:45 p.m.

Family Pets at School
We are attempting to educate our students around pet ownership. It has come to our attention that some of our parents and children have a fear of dogs. Of course, we have some families that walk their children to school with their family dog. We ask that you are aware of children and adults that are apprehensive around dogs. We appreciate that, as a dog owner, you are able to keep your pet close to you. We also ask parents and chil-dren to speak to you as the owner before approaching your dog. Care and respect of animals goes both ways so children need to learn to talk to the dog owner before approaching and interacting with an animal that is not their pet. Please keep your dogs away from the fence in the Kindergarten area as well as the walkways. Thanks for your attention to this in the mornings and after school. Your empathy for each other around some people's love and some people's fear of dogs is most appreciated.

Morning Routines
This is a reminder of morning routines when you come into our school with a child that is late for the start up. Please ring in at the parking lot door and come to the main office. It is here that you sign in your child and say good bye. Adults dropping off students are to drop at the office and then let the office staff help escort the child to class. We often call into the classroom of the younger students and a friend will come and greet the child coming in late and walk him or her to class. This is less disruptive to the learning environment and flow of the morning. We appreciate you respecting this morning routine.

We’ve Been Slimed
Can you please help us from home? The product from the wonderful, fun science experiments that are being done at home (where children are making their own slime) are now making their way into our classrooms. Please, moving forward, any slime that is made at home needs to stay at home. Between the arguments around sharing it with friends, the mess it makes when dropped in the carpets, the amount of time playing with it during class working time and now the perfume odor that is causing some children to have a can imagine the amount of time the teachers are spending trying to navigate this toy in the classroom. If a child requires Theraputty to help with sensory needs or attention needs, it would be prescribed by an OT and the teacher, Special Ed resource team, OT, parent and child would have set parameters for the appropriate use of this putty. All this slime that has come into Harrison is a toy and a distraction... thanks SO much for your help with letting your children know that toys are for home use.