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posted Mar 23, 2017, 10:59 AM by Marilyn Alcorn

Thursday, March 23rd


We would like to let you know of our Whole School Trip to the John Elliott Theatre. We will be seeing the Live Theatre “Shrek” The date is set for May 11th and we will be walking to the theatre for the 10:00 a.m. show.   The Kindergarten students will be bussed thanks to the generosity of the School Council.

So far with our hot dog and popcorn days we have been able to raise enough money that the $12.00 tickets are down to $10.00 for each student.  With the upcoming hot dog and popcorn days next week and then again in April we will hopefully raise enough to keep the cost to you even lower.  

For both the popcorn and hot dog days we will just expect the money brought in the morning and it will be collected first thing in the morning with attendance.  Or it can be paid ahead through our Cashless system.  We will be doing the print off that morning so it will be closed at midnight the previous day.

Popcorn - 50 cents     (limit 2)   Second  break on March 29th

Hot Dog - $2.00 each (limit 2)   Second break on March 31st.

Thank you for supporting our special food days. Thank you also to our Lunchroom Supervision team who have consistently helped the office staff with these days.

As we continue to make the move to be a cashless school (no need for cheques or cash to come into the school for fundraising events or field trips), we thought it would be fun to complete a draw with a good incentive. By the end of the day on Friday we will make the draw of all the cashless users to see who will get their lunches paid for… We will let you know through e-mail who the lucky winner is. If you are not yet using cashless, please let us know and we can send instructions on how to get it set up!

Also - a reminder that the entry bell rings at 8:40 a.m.   

UpComing Dates:

March 24th - all food orders are due in the office.  Late orders that come in next week will not be accepted.  If you have checked “Paid Cashless” please be sure that you go into your Cashless Account and pay by Friday.  If your money has not been deposited into your Cashless account yet by your bank, please call Marilyn or Laurel early next week and we will open up the Cashless to accommodate you.

March 29 - Battle of the Books team to the Georgetown Library for the Battle!

March 29 - Popcorn Day - 2nd break

March 31 - Hot Dog Day - 2nd break

April 4 - Pita Day -2nd break

April 4 - Kindergarten students to Mountsberg at 9:00 a.m. for the morning.

April 13 - Team Jersey Day

April 14 Good Friday - no school

April 17 - Easter Monday - no school

April 25 - Whole school photo for our “60th Anniversary”

April 28 - P.A. Day no school

Please see the attached calendar for the month of April.

Upcoming Tentative Dates

May 4 - Candlelight Vigil for Grade 5 students

May 10 - Dental Screening for JK, SK and Grade 2 students

May 11 - Whole school Field Trip to Shrek at the John Elliott Theatre

May 19 - Crazy Homemade Hat Day

May 24 - Kindergarten Orientation for New JK students and families (6:30 - 7:30 p.m.)

June 1 - Canadian “150th” Celebration BBQ and movie night

June 2 - P.D. Day

June 21 - Senior Kindergarten Graduation in the afternoon.

June 23 - Mismatched Shoe Day